Sunday, 10 August 2008

Major Milestone

Whilst we were away Sebastian achieved a major milestone: he lost his first tooth. Apparently the American tooth fairy is impervious to the subprime mortgage crisis, the rising cost of gas at the petrol station, and the spiralling cost of living because she left $5 (greenbacks).

Just for the record, he pulled the tooth out himself without any parental intervention. Somehow I believe he starts as he means to go on. I look at my little boy's awkward toothy grin and know he is quickly becoming not such a little boy. He will lose the rest of his teeth and with them his innocence. I am acutely aware that the time when he crawls up into my lap will end in the not so distant future and pass into a vague memory. I am aware that he will shortly no longer need me as much as he does today. My heart breaks and sings at the same time.

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Janell said...

You have a good heart for treasuring these brief moments. No matter how old he gets, Seb will always need his Mum - just in different ways than he does right now.