Saturday, 30 August 2008

Eye Sight

The other evening I was trying to thread a needle. (See previous post about Name Tags.)

I realised I couldn't see to thread the needle.

I had a major attack of mortality.

I first noticed this back when I travelled to Toronto and I was trying to read a book in bed and felt like I couldn't see the words exactly. I blamed the book. I bought some of those silly reading glasses but never wore them hoping the problem would just go away.

I think it has gotten worse. I finally put off the inevitable and scheduled an eye test.

It's official. My eye sight is worse than it was a year ago. First time in 17 years. Not exactly worse; my short sightedness is better but my long sightedness is way way worse. The eye doctor kept saying really annoying things like "When you are over 40, these things start to happen....blah blah blah!" Hey, when did that happen? Oh, yeah, like 4 years ago......

I have no wordered myself a pair of bifocals. I hear the technology is much better than it used to be and no one will know I am wearing bifocals unless I tell them (which I just did I guess). I'm horrified.

I am getting older. Dang, I thought I might sneak through to immortality. Must add that to my To Do List.


PAM said...

Same thing has been happening to me, just when I got to be 40ish. I know I need to finally bite the bullet and make my appointment...I haven't had my eyes checked since grade school...Yikes!

Sue said...

Next on the list of problems could be "you have the beginning of cateracts." Doesn't that just make your day?

LaDawn said...

Fortunately they tested for cateracts and so far so good.

Janell said...

Don't feel too badly about the bifocals. I had to get them when I was 8 years old. I rely on my contacts and a pair of reading glasses now.

Anonymous said...

Oh Dear...Not you too. Mom