Monday 14 February 2011

My Valentine

He's a very clever man.  He's funny (although perhaps not as funny as he thinks he is....) but he can always make me laugh.  He's built our son (and more for himself probably) the most amazing scalectrix track along with buildings like you have ever seen before!  Our daughter thinks he hangs the moon every night just for her.  He's crap at DIY.  He can't remember beyond the next 5 minutes so he doesn't plan.  Or rather he plans but it never happens according to the plan.  He loves gadgets and can teach even me how to use just about anything although I must admit I would prefer he would just do it for me.   He can fix any car anywhere no matter what breaks.  He makes a wicked creme brulee for Christmas dinner every year. He makes me coffee every single morning. And I adore him.  He is perfectly imperfect and perfect for me.

He's the best valentine in the whole wide world!