Saturday 28 February 2009

Red Ropers

About 20 years ago, my father bought me a pair of red ropers. For you city folks, ropers are sensible cowboy boots: low heels worn to ride horses when roping steers. Not that I've ever roped steers but they are great for country & western dancing.

I loved those boots but after 2 pregnancies, my feet spread and I gained weight and, let's just say I couldn't get my dang feet into those boots.

I couldn't bear to part with them so I handed them down to my daughter who has worn them for the last couple of years to dress up.

Well, I've lost the pregnancy weight and every couple months I tried and tried to squeeze my feet into those boots. The just wouldn't go. It was like my heels had spread permanently and I would have to undergo plastic surgery on my feet (do they do that?).

Today I have a Western themed party to go to complete with dancing. Not sure what to expect but I wasn't going to go without my boots.

So I pushed and pulled and tugged and got my feet into those boots! they are tight. So tight they might be cutting off my circulation. But I don't care.

I got my feet into those boots and these boots are going dancing!


Marla said...

I bet that your feet are really going to hurt when you get home.

LaDawn said...

Actually, it wasn't a bad as I thought it would be. I even managed to get my feet out without excessive moaning, groaning, tugging and pulling. I only needed marginal assistance from Sebastian.

PS My left foot is clearly larger than my right foot. Lots!