Monday 11 May 2009

Carnival Sprite

Saturday was the May Fair which is a fundraiser for the local Scouts and Girl Guide organisation. The May Fair is also the occasion to pick the attendants for the Carnival Fair. There is a Queen, a princess, 2 young attendants and 2 sprites (a nod to equal opportunity for the boys).

Last year Sebastian gave it a go and didn't make the grade (although we are never quite sure what they are looking for but it doesn't matter because it is just a bit of fun). This year he gave it another go and I am proud to announce that he will be one of two sprites in our Carnival.

He will appear at the Donkey Derby on Friday night, ride the float at the Carnival Parade on Saturday morning and be at the Carnival for various other activities throughout the day on Saturday as well as Sunday.

If you live local come out and support this fantastically old fashioned and incredibly fun filled weekend - June 5-7!


Marla said...

Donkey Derby, Hey maybe your Dad would like to enter that!! Ha!

Anonymous said...

holy cow!!!! u haave ur own page lucky seb but we did have fun!!! oap's are sleepy

Anonymous said...

iam anonimus thingy seb rules wid me sam my page is /////////////

sam said...

haha iam sam w

anonomous-other sprite