Saturday 6 June 2009

Don't Rain On My Parade

Today Sebastian made his appearance as a sprite at the Old Windsor Carnival. For the very first time in my memory, it rained on Carnival Day. It rained hard enough for them to have to cancel the horse and carriage. But that wasn't going to spoil our day. The locals in the village scrambled and the sprites were very happy to make do sitting in a convertible despite the drizzle.. Sebastian looked very handsome and made a dapper attendant to the Carnival Queen and her entourage.


Run♥Free said...
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Run♥Free said...

hey this is Laura. Thats me there, I was carnival queen. Just thought I would say Hi as I have blogspot too. Your blog is really nice. Seb and Abby look adorable! I love the post on Sebs missing tooth :)