Sunday 8 November 2009

Christmas Goodies

Last year we gave boxes, baskets, and parcels of homemade Christmas goodies to all the people in our lives that help to make it the rich patchwork that it is: teachers, music instructors, postal deliverers, rubbish removers, scout leaders, gardener, classroom assistants, headmaster and headmistress.

Don't kid yourself into thinking this is the easy (or cheap) way out. Believe me, it would have been so much easier to hop onto the internet and buy them all a coffee mug or hand over a generic bottle of wine. And for cheap, has anyone checked out the price of sugar and butter (key ingredients in Christmas goodies) lately?

But the joy is in the giving. And the response to our homemade goodies was overwhelming. The children loved making it (although their contribution was limited to a lot of stirring) and they loved giving it. They really loved helping with the eating.

So we are off again. I am planning on what goodies to make. And I want your help. What is your favourite Christmas sweet, bread, and/or cookie?

PS Forget the popcorn balls. This particular goodie requires a skill that my Grandmother only managed to hand down to my sister who through lots of trial and error has perfected it and without her standing by my side I dare not attempt. It would only disappoint leading to tears and tantrums.


cdroses said...

Fave cookie (other than the obvious chocolate anything cookie...) Snickerdoodles! :)

Anonymous said...

Your Grandmother also passed the secret down to me..To bad you weren't watching when you were younger..

Sue said...

My family expects thumbprint cookies. A peanut butter cookie with a chocolate star in the center. Janell requests cherry bing bars. Jacob likes snowballs a marshmellow rolled in a carmel mixture and then in rice krispies.
I don't think I ever met a Christmas cookie I didn't like.