Sunday 20 April 2008

India First Impressions

  • Holy crap, everyone drives like crazy maniacs. Some roads have lines. Some don't. Doesn't matter. They don't pay any attention to the lines. Even when the traffic is coming at you from the opposite direction. And red lights at traffic signals appear to be merely decoration.

  • These people never sleep. I arrived at the airport at 4 am on Sunday morning and the airport was packed by western standards anyway. And on the way to the hotel there were loads of people walking. The driver said they were going to church. At that hour of the morning? I'm not sure God is awake. And they don't walk on the sidewalks. Even when there are sidewalks they walk in the street.

  • The humidity is stifling.

  • The smells are equally intoxicating and revolting. One minute you'd get this amazing whiff of what I am sure was delicious food and the next minute the smell of raw sewage was causing me to gag.

  • Shoes appear to be optional.

  • The diet is going to be difficult to stick to. I am so tempted by the dining menu!

  • The effects of the 26 December 2004 tsunami are still evident. Refugees are still in residence in numerous camps and the landscape has been permanently damaged. Over 691,000 people were affected and nearly 8,000 people died in this area. Nearly 5,500 cattle were also lost. Many are still living in what appears to be horrific conditions.

  • Boy these people can talk. I don't think the taxi driver stopped talking for the entire 30 minute journey. I could understand only about every 10th word but that didn't seem to put him off.

  • There really are cows in the middle of the road. Lots of cows.
  • This is going to be an adventure. I am headed to the beach!


Janell said...

Thank you for this word picture of India. I feel like I'm walking down the street with you!
I know you've been in Nebraska before, so I'm sure you know the only similarity you'll find here in July will be the cows. Lots of cows. (Actually, we call them cattle.)

LaDawn said...

Thank goodnes the cattle are behind the fences. Here the cows wander in and among the traffic. I have sometimes found that with rednecks shoes are also optional. :-)

Anonymous said...

You remind me of my trip to India back in Dec.

Kinda miss the place, it grows on you like a fungus.

LaDawn said...

Fungus indeed! You should see the size of some of my mozy bites!