Wednesday 2 April 2008

Lounge Review

The executive lounge at Toronto Pearson Airport for Air Canada (aka Maple Lounge) wins my vote for the best airport lounge. Ever.

The chairs are comfortable. And I tried out a couple of them. Just thought I would walk around and give them all a go.

There is free WiFi and desks with telephones and desk lamps and rubbish bins.

There are showers although I did check them out personally but lots of others seem to.

The food buffet is a selection of fresh vegetables and fruit with some gorgeous breads, cheese, spreads and dips. Usually you get some stale donuts and individually wrapped carb rubbish. Alas, I looked and smelled but did not touch except to wrap up a couple of the homemade cookies to take home to my children.

There is a vast array of drinks to choose from including over 7 different teas, 5 different coffees, 12 different fruit juices, waters, sodas, and even alcoholic beverages. I've had 2 cups of tea which will probably be just about enough caffeine for me as I appear to be typing at the speed of light.

My only complaint would be the other passengers. There is a man on my right who is eating with his mouth open. Every bite he takes greets me with some lip smacking to end all lip smacking. On my left is a man who appears to be older than god and he has been sniffing his nose for at least 20 minutes straight. I want to tell him to either blow it or get over it because if he ain't dislodged it by now it ain't going anywhere!

It's now time to board the plane and head home. I missed home and will be happy to be back!


Janell said...

Good word picture. Along with you, I'm irritated by the lip smacking and snorting & sniffing!

Anonymous said...

LA, I miss you!

Other good ones are:
Red Carpet Club - O'Hare
Admirals Club - Dulles
Lufthansa Business Center - Frankfurt
Worst on the planet:
Admiral's Club - New Dehli

Did you miss me? Where are my pics from London? I never got them.

LaDawn said...

I'm right here where you found me.

I've never been fond of the RCC at O'Hare. Never been to the others.

I do miss your witty yet ridiculous comments. The pics from London sucked due to the low battery. Guess you will have to come back!

Anonymous said...

I'll be back soon. I've disappeared due to turmoil and chaos at work. You know where I work, just look at press releases and our stock price.

Anyway, will be a more consistent very soon.
P.S. You left out the part where I am usually correct in my assesments.

He he

LaDawn said...

I have no recollection of any assessment of yours being correct. You clearly have a faulty memory.