Saturday, 30 August 2008

Name Tags

It's that time of year again. I spend every spare moment in the evening sewing names tags on the various pieces of uniform for the children to start school. I have to sew names tags on everything including each sock and their underpants.

Sebastian has quite a bit of new kit as his uniform changes slightly and his games kit grew enormously so this is no small task. As always, I have to shorten his trousers. Abigail's uniform stays mostly the same so I've just got to do what I replaced due to wear or growth.

I've finished with everything; just have some underpants and socks to finish off.

My fingers hurt.


Anonymous said...

Just curious...why do you have to sew labels on everything? Especially the underwear and socks?
And what is a kit? You are definately mom of the year in my book...I don't like little sewing jobs like that!

LaDawn said...

Because uniforms are expensive and they change clothes alot (for swimming, games, gym, etc).

Kit is a collective noun unsed for the whole thing, like the whole uniform - trousers, shirts, blazer or it is used to refer to everything you need to do sport.