Friday 26 September 2008


I’ve had a few…..

1. I never visited New Orleans. Before Hurricane Katrina. Now I could go. But I know it is not nor will it ever be the same. Pity.

2. I never flew on the Concorde. I watched it fly over my home for years in Windsor. I ever got to tour the inside of one when I was working for British Airways. But I never got to jet set the ultimate experience. And now they don’t fly anymore. Bummer.

3. I will never visit Yankee Stadium. OK, so I don’t like the Yankees. But just like the day when I went to watch my beloved Chicago Cubs in Wrigley Field, I was more interested in the history of the stadium than the baseball game. The NY Times does a brilliant job here taking about how much history I have missed. Wish I could have been there!

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cdroses said...

Kendra is with you on the Yankees stadium. Then again, she IS a Yankees fan! We watched the last home game on tv. That was interesting, as they had a lot of historical info. throughout the game.

I regret not seeing the Broncos play at the original Mile High Stadium.

BTW: trip to London is on my wish list of trips. It's just going to be another year or two, with the move next year and everything. Plus, I need a passport! lol