Thursday 9 October 2008

Kid's in Charge

OK, it would be fair to say that I think, uh, you need a little bit more experience than this 35 year old has when they are getting ready to put you in charge of trillions of taxpayer's (that would be you and me) money.

So, just how many ways can the Bush Administration mess us up? It ain't over til it's over and January 2009 is looking far far away!

And if you think this ain't hurting you, think again! Look around you. Look at your pension fund. Look at you share options. Look.


Shirley said...

I've moved out of the denial phase. I've checked the funds. Not good. Jobs are going next. This is really ugly.

Janell said...

Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton both brought only governorship experience to the White House. John F. Kennedy was only 41 when he became president. So I guess it’s okay for a young Democrat man to run for Executive office, but not a female Republican?

But wait….. she’s not running for President, she is running for Vice President. So let’s compare the ages and years of elected office experience between John McKain and Barak Obama.

No contest.

And I’ve looked at the funds, too. They bounced back from 1987 and they will bounce back again.

Anonymous said...

Here's a 39 year old who turned 1 million in to 4 billion in 10 years... (ie he started in 1996 at 29)

LaDawn said...

Janell - Not sure what you read but this has nothing to do with Palin. It's the economy. Just don't want to give trillions to a 35 year old. Think he might need to live through a great depression or something first. but that might not be far away. particularly if everyone keeps thinking this too will pass and fundamentally don't change the way they behave towards money. I wish my Grandmother Joyce was alive to remind us all what it was like to live without pencils and paper.

Anonymous - I know people like that guy. Most of them are currently unemployed and struggling to make ends meet.

Do you all read the same papers I do? Have you heard that £250 billiob (BILLION) got wiped off the FTSE last week? You all living in denial?

LaDawn said...

oh and thank god I'm not retiring right now like other people I know. Their retirement funds have been wiped out. I have friends who had money in Icelandic banks. that's gone now. If you care solittle give me all your spare cahs. I'll find a home for it!

Marla said...

I have to say that the economy is a mess, none of us can deny that! Since my husband passed, I am still trying to get his life insurance. It was through AIG which of course was bought out. They say life insurance should be safe. Well if it's not, I take some spare change to be his funeral costs. I also have to do something wiht his 401k, which will be the only retrement money that I will have. I can't even begin to know what to do with that and since I don't have all the paperwork for that yet, I am quite sure that it is not as much money as it was prior to his date even. People say it will turn around in time, but watvh the Tv and hear all the folks talk about how much money the are losing day by day for their retirement. Soon their won't even be social security for folks. Medical care in this country is outrageous. We have been in a constant struggle for years. A bottle of cancer drugs for $5,000, who could possible have that option available for treatment if you don't have insurance. Well that's a whole different story. It angers me!!