Wednesday 5 November 2008

President Obama

I fell asleep......again.

When I awoke to the sound of my breakfast being delivered this morning I raced to switch on the TV only to find that the cable service in all of Cannes was down. There was no answer at the front desk. Or on housekeeping. I was fearful for a while that McCain had won and everyone in France had drank the kool aid just to avoid 4 more years of a Republican American President.

I finally got my internet connection up and running and I read the news there. At first I couldn't believe it. And then the enormity of what had happened hit me like a tsunami.

My chest puffs out with pride and my eyes water. As a country we have spoken. We have stepped well out of our comfort zone and we are taking a risk. The message this sends to the rest of the world's citizens is profound.

I spoke to my sister and we had our own little election celebration via telephone. Today (and possibly tonight) I shall hoist a glass of champage and toast the victory. And the future.

President-elect Obama, if you are reading this, you have run an honourable and thoughtful campaign. You have inspired a nation to let go of the burdens of racism. We entrust you will not let us down. Good luck. Let me know if you need any help!


Brooke said...

I was downtown with my Dad and Mary. It was so much fun and quite a celebration.

Anonymous said...

I share your pride LaDawn, it is a momentous day, shame you had to be in France the most emotionaly cold country in the world unless of course you are French!

Marla said...

There are huge challenges ahead and change is needed. It will take a great deal of time to straighten this mess out!

Shirley said...

It is great indeed! Wish you were here for this.