Monday 9 February 2009

On the Brink

Sebastian has lost his games kit. That's all the clothes he wears to play rugby, football (aka soccer), etc It appears that last week with the blizzard they didn't play any games. We thought the kit came home but it isn't in my car, daddy's car or anywhere in the house or garage. So unless it is in the school (which he assures me it is not and yes, I know that has its own fallibility issues) or in someone else's car it is gone. And I will not be spending a small fortune to replace it. My son will just have to sit on the sidelines and learn the consequences of not taking care of his kit. The school called at 5 pm and Sebastian has finished his homework early (since he couldn't play games without his games kit) and they need me to pick him up early. Nope, he will sit and read a book until his father comes to get him.

The tenants of our rental moved out in late January and we had made arrangements to get the place repainted and the carpets replaced. But the letting agency had found some people who were willing (for a small reduction in rent) to take it as it was. Now 3 weeks later and 2 weeks before they are due to move in, they have decided they want the carpet replaced and it painted. OMG, are you kidding me? Do they not understand As Is?

My daughter worked very hard over the weekend on her homework. She has learned a whole bunch of new words and drew a lovely picture to go with her new phonic sound. but in the chaos that must have been my husband trying to get the children off to school without a games bag, her poor little book bag got left behind and her teacher didn't get to see the fruits of her labour. she is still pouting.

It is pouring rain. It is cold. There is a prediction for more snow. Our pipes to the toilet upstairs cracked in the freezeout of last week. The plumber was due to be here on Friday of last week. He was due here tonight. He hasn't shown up and hasn't rang. We have been without a toilet on the first floor for 6 days. The children are having to come up or down to use a toilet. this is not good in the middle of the night!

Our piano tuner cancelled the appointment. Twice. and now I need to call and reschedule. Yeah, like I've got all the time in the world to be rescheduling because they don't know how a calendar operates.

The school diary says there is an informal concert tonight but I know nothing about this.

We have no more fire wood. It was meant to last the whole winter but because it has been so blooming cold we have used it all up.

I have no idea what I am going to make for dinner. Pay Day is still 4 days away so we will probably be having Cheerios for dinner.

Don't even get me started on work.

I am on the brink of a nervous breakdown.


Myrnagj said...


cdroses said...

Hugz! Sounds like you need it! Be thankful that you don't have 14 under the age of 7, like the foolish woman, here in the US.

Anonymous said...

Sending you warm fuzzy hugs! Mac 'n Cheese is always good. Love you. C

Anonymous said...

hmm - was going to remind you about your dinner party invitation, but having read about the cheerios - rethinking. Just kidding! Could make something home made (has to be chilli, lasagne or shepherds pie - my repertoire is very limited) and bring it to you if your getting bored of cereal. xxxxx louise

LaDawn said...

Ah, Louise - thanks for the offer of making us dinner but we managed fish fingers. LOL! Will have pasta tonight and scrambled eggs tomorrow....that oughta see us through!

Clare Bear - Wish we had some Mac n cheese! We used up our last smuggled supply. So anyone that is stateside and headed our way, please feel free to deliver!