Sunday 4 February 2007

Haircuts and Judo

Both children got their hair cut yesterday. Never have the differences between the two children been so apparent. Abigail got up into the chair and sat perfectly still checking out the entire process in the mirror. She didn't say a word and moved her head exactly as the lady asked.

Seb also got up into the chair all on his own but he would only let Monica cut his hair and we had to wait for her to be available. Then his face whilst sitting in the chair betrayed exactly what he thought of the entire process. His chin rested in his hands and he kept giving Monica instructions on exactly what she should be doing. He complained that the cut hair tickled him and how much he hated it.

Both children looked fabulous when it was done!

Yesterday was also Seb's first judo competition. I was nervous. He wasn't or at least that's what he said. His first match was over before it started. He wasn't paying attention and the kid (from another school) got him down before Seb even realised the match had started. He was a bit upset because he thought that was his only chance. I explained he got another go and that he should bay attention next time. He said he wouldn't make that mistake again.

The second match was a bit scary because the other child was bigger (by a head) than Seb. But that didn't scare of Sebastian. He just kept going back for more. And whilst he also lost the second match he did much better.

On the drive home we covered the 3 rules:
  1. Do your best every time. If you've done your best that's all you can do.
  2. Be a good sportsman. Don't pout or throw tantrums if you don't win.
  3. Be fierce. Focus. Concentrate. Visualise.

He liked number 3 but didn't like 2.

Seb's Judo instructor, Matthew Divall is very good with the children. He told one children who lost yesterday that "He lost a lot of matches on his way to winning." That's a good lesson.

I have video of the 2nd match and am in the process of loading it on to YouTube. I'm having a bit of trouble because it is a bit bigger than the file size allowed and am trying to edit it on my Mac. Grrrrrrr, and we all know how well I am getting on with the Mac. Wait for it! I will let you know when it gets there. He kept the audience well entertained!

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