Sunday 11 February 2007

I'm Off

Thursday we got a new sofa and chairs. We ordered them way back in November and at one point I had forgotten that we had bought them. The middle foot stool and cushion are movable so you can move it up and down on the sofa and even move it to the chair. I am sooooo relieved to get rid of that blue monstrosity. Although I am not rid of it completely. It is currently in the garage until the charity shop can pick it up. the only downside to the new sofa is that it is not a sofa bed. but I don't know anyone who liked sleeping on that sofa bed and besides we now have a guest bedroom. Any more guests and the futon will be once again called into service!

Yesterday we celebrated a friend's new job offer. He had been interviewing for quite some time but couldn't find anything he wanted. He just got a verbal offer from Apple here in the UK. We broke out the champagne and made him a cardboard iPhone. We had chili orange chicken (a new recipe) which was easy to make and tasted quite good. We got this amazing banoffee pie from this shop in Windsor called "cook". They do frozen ready made meals using only fresh ingredients. I highly recommend the puddings/desserts.

This afternoon I am going to a Microsoft Sharepoint conference in Berlin for a few days. Not sure what my blogging ability will be whilst I am there. I am hoping that the hotel will have connectivity. At the very least there should be a couple of PCs around the conference with internet connections so I should be able to sneak in a moment here and there. But be warned: If I can't post for the next few days just pretend you are at my sister's site. She doesn't update for days on end!

In the meantime, everyone say a little prayer for Marc who will be left home alone with the two tornadoes, I mean darlings. To make matters even worse, it is half-term so they aren't in school next week. Once again, I say "Thank Heavens for child minders!"


Janell said...

best of luck to Marc - i'm sure they will have great fun together, but you might wish the new furniture had arrived after your few days' absence.

Anonymous said...

Hey LaDawn, like the blog site.....

a colleague, aka galagoskipper.