Thursday 20 March 2008

Fed Up

I finally reached my tipping point. I received another fabulous invitation to another fabulous party and faced the wretched prospect of being the fattest girl at the party. Now I know how this goes: I'd wear a fabulous dress that would pull and pinch and stretch in all the wrong places and I would feel uncomfortable all night not feeling fabulous at all.

I wasn't going to do that anymore.

I gained my weight with my babies and just never quite got my groove back. I'm in my 40s which makes it all that much more difficult. Time to work out is precious and just never seems to bubble to the top.

I started my diet on February 27 and started Lighterlife on March 2. More about that later.

I've got a long way to go and it will be challenging!

Today I'm disheartened but tomorrow will be better. Even if it's not I don't know that today!


Janell said...

Of oourse tomorrow will be better! You GO Gurl!
I'm afraid you might be mad at us because we haven't had you vist our USA blogs in a while. Please forgive me for whatever offense I committed. Consider me a Redneck; too dumb to know better. Official definition of a Redneck: "A Glorious lack of sophistiation."

Shirley said...

Great for you. Love the graphic above but don't see a place to comment there. 15# already is so good.

MJ Panton said...

Not made at all Janell. No offense. Just running out of time!

LaDawn said...

me again above....wish my husband would log himself out....but I never do so what's good for the goose is good for the gander. Am I the goose or the gander?