Friday, 21 March 2008


I used to love a powerful wind. The sensation of the wind blowing my hair was exhilarating. Being a sailor I loved the wind even more. Sticks and stones could break my bones but a Gale Force 8 excited me.

And then I moved to England. Wind is as common here as sunshine is in Colorado. The wind and rain don't seem to bother the natives but it is wearing me down. I dont' like the wind so much anymore.

Today an arctic gale is blowing. The temperature is 6.7 C (44 F). Taking into account the wind chill factor I feel like I am living in the antarctic. I reckon it is well below freezing.

We are supposed to be enjoying our Easter Weekend. Good Friday and Easter Monday are holidays here in the UK so we've got a 4 day weekend looming. This is typically a time to get the garden in order and enjoy some walks, maybe even entertain thoughts of a BBQ.

There ain't no way I am going outside to enjoy any fresh air. My children would certainly get blown away unless I tethered them to me. The only thing keeping me from being picked up off my feet is all this excess weight I am carrying around.

The forecast for the weekend was rain, sleet, and hail. Right now the sun is shining and there is blue sky but that don't mean it isn't bone chilling.

We are digging into the DVD collection as we speak.


Janell said...

Wind is one of the weather conditions that keeps me out of the saddle. Wind, above all else, makes horses dangerous.

Shirley said...

So March is windy over there, too?
Our weather this wonderful month of spring has been a good day now and then, with a couple of rainy, cold, windy days in between.

Garrison Keillor says March is Nature's way of letting the people who don't drink experience what a hangover feels like.

MJ Panton said...

Keillor is a smart man.

LaDawn said...

Previous comment was from me not realising my husband was logged on instead of me.....oops!