Tuesday 11 March 2008

A Quiet Belief in Angels by RJ Ellory

I kept having the strangest nightmares whilst I was reading this book. I would wake up petrified that someone was wondering the outside of our house looking for a way in. It was disturbing.

Which is pretty much how I felt about the book. Set over 5 decades starting in 1939 in rural Georgia young girls are being killed at the rate of 1 every year. the killing starts in Augusta Falls and Joseph Vaughn knows all of the first 4 victims. He becomes obsessed with the killings and it haunts him and follows him throughout his life.

OK, so not a happy, joyful choice. But the book draws you in. You keep thinking throughout that Joseph will be vindicated and that all the suffering of his life will pay off in the end. You know he didn't kill the girls but there are no clues as to who does.

And when you do find out who does there is absolutely no explanation as to why they did.

The book just ends. It ends in such way that makes me think the writer just ran out of paper and couldn't be bothered to go get some more.

Not recommended.

396 pages


Shirley said...

OK I'll skip that one. Thanks.

Have you ever read "The Memory-Keepers Daughter"? I just finished it and wonder what you would think of it.

Janell said...

Thanks for the note on the number of pages. And for the 'not remommended' note. This is clearly time I won't waste.