Friday, 28 March 2008

Travel Advisory

With my recent irregular posting, you would be forgiven if you didn't notice but just in case you wonder where I am over the next few days I thought I would let you know.

I'll be in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, that large frozen mass of land to the north of the USA. I've been to Canada on a couple of previous occasions, eg Vancouver, Quebec, Banff. I've even been to Toronto before. Can't say I found it all that interesting. In fact, it would be safe to say I found it downright dull.

Am hoping to be impressed this time round. It's all in the name of work and I suspect I'll be a bit too busy to do anything which offers up much opportunity for changing my views but I go into this with an open mind.

I fly out Saturday afternoon and back late Wednesday night arriving mid morning on Thursday. Give Marc your moral support. He's gonna need it.


Brooke said...

That is how Mom and Dad felt about Vancouver. They thought it was boring and dreary.

LaDawn said...

Oh but I loved Vancouver. I thought it was stunningly beautiful. How odd.

Janell said...

So how's it going, Marc? Are you hanging in there all right?