Saturday 10 February 2007

Global Warming

It scares the living daylights out of me. I find the whole idea that we've ruined the planet for our grandchildren incredibly frightening. Unless, of course, I don't have any grandchildren. Both of my children could grow up and decide that children strips you of your identity, money, and free time. So they don't have any of their own. But this is the subject of another post I fear.

I confess. I am one of those. I drive to work. I do live close to my office (about 4 miles) so I'm not one of those people travelling over 60 miles to get to and back from work five days/week. I could take the bus, if only it went anywhere near my office. I could ride my bicycle to the office but honestly how practical is it for a woman to bring all of her work clothes (including hair and makeup supplies) to work in her backpack along with her laptop and briefcase? Not very I say. I can hardly fit the stuff I carry back and forth in the boot of my car. Luckily I do work for home 1 day/week so there's my bit done, right?

Also, there's the school run. I work flexible hours so I can pick up my son at school. On my way home I pick him up. Except 1 day/week I take my daughter to ballet. My childminder drops of Abigail since she is already out and about doing her school runs. So we combine trips. not bad, eh?

I run the tumble dryer probably < 6 times/week in the winter and hardly ever in the summer. Not bad, I say, for a family of 4.

I run the dishwasher just once/day.

Lights are off in the house in the rooms unless we are in them. Even in the lounge we only turn one overhead light on unless I am doing my quilting. We have a number of energy saving lightbulbs in the house where I can cope with the blue light they give off.

We keep the house cool unless I light a fire in the fireplace but that is a carbon neutral heating source, right?

OK, I keep the computer and TV on standby which I probably shouldn't do. But that might be our only energy extravagance. And now I feel so guilty just admitting that to my devoted blog audience that I will stop doing that at once.

We recycle. We compost. We grow (to the best of our abilities) our own vegetables.

And still the planet melts. What are you doing to stop the melting? What more can I do?

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Janell said...

global warming is a myth, brought to you by the same people who dreamed up the Y2K meltdown - remember how that didn't happen? don't worry about it. the average temperature of the entire planet has actually dropped 3 degrees over the past century. global warming theorists are only studying the polar caps, which melt and refreeze with stunning regularity. God has promised that "...seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease." (Genesis 8:22) That's part of the promise that came with the rainbow.