Sunday 18 February 2007

Which Brings Me Home

Which brings me back home. The return trip was wholly uneventful! I knew better than to even try to carry on two bags so I smushed everything into my briefcase and put the handbag in the checked suitcase.

I'd like to introduce you to my two co-stars in this adventure: Rod (on left) and Glyn (on right). Rod and I enjoyed the food and our clumsy attempts at speaking German. Glyn enjoyed his chips (french fries) and bread rolls.

Marc and the children were waiting for me at the airport. The children ran towards me screaming "Mummy". Great big cuddles and kisses refueled me.

Hopefully now, I am all caught up on my blogging and can give it a rest. I feel like someone who has been out in the desert and has finally quenched their thirst.


Janell said...

Such adorable pictures you've posted!
(And the ones of Abigail are cute, too.) :)
Thanks for your faithful visits to my blog(s). I didn't know you could specify invitation only visitors, but it seems a moot thing at this point. My sisters and nieces and others seem to be completely immune to blogging fever. I don't know what's the matter with them.
I wish your conference had been a better experience for you. Better luck next time.

Anonymous said...

LaDawn, you need to get some handsome talent on your team.... and quickly! lol