Tuesday 27 March 2007

Audrey in hospital

Audrey, my niece and god daughter, is undergoing some much needed surgery today on her tonsils, adenoids and something else in the ear/nose/throat area. It is an outpatient procedure but she does have to go under a general anesthesia and we all know the risks that are involved with that. I can only imagine the anxiety that my sister, Stephanie, and her husband, Anthony, are feeling right now. The surgery started about 8 am (Mountain Standard Time - Colorado) and should be done within a few hours. I'm sure Audrey will be fine and home eating ice cream in no time! In the meantime, my thoughts are with you, Steph & Anthony. We love you and miss you. Wish we could be there holding your hand and sharing a cuppa.

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Janell said...

My prayers are going up for Audrey, Steph and the rest. any sugery is a scary thing, but remember (I may have said this before, but it also applies to the bathroom problems) the five most repeated words in the Bible are "And it came to pass..." In other words, it didn't come to stay. :)