Thursday 22 March 2007

Bath/Shower Out of Order - AGAIN

I am still at home with a cough that is making my whole body ache. Nothing is helping. I am grumpy and fed up. Talking makes it worse. Laughing causes me to vomit.

WORSE: The drain that was broken and then fixed last week is clogged again......sounds to me like the job didn't get done right the first time. They were supposed to come round today to fix it but they haven't arrived yet which means it will be tomorrow morning. Grrrrr, I need a long hot humid soak.


Janell said...

sorry for all your trials. here's hoping tomorrow will find you feeling better in every way.

Janell said...

I just want to wish you a pleasant weekend. Sure hope you get over that coughing soon. You must be feeling awful as you have no new post today!God bless you.