Monday 5 March 2007

Husband Banned at Video Store

If you recall, my last trip to the video store ended in disaster. That might be a strong statement given the results of Marc's latest trip to the video store. He got Borat which I thought would be good. I'd read all the reviews and thought this would be funny. It wasn't. It was mean, unneccessarily so. Coren (aka Borat) treated people disrespectfully and then tried to make them look bad. In the end, he just looked like a bully. We won't be supporting Coren's future film endeavours.

The second film Marc got was Snakes on a Plane, a strange choice from any perspective. I'm afraid to fly and not so keen on snakes. So I skipped watching it and sat in the corner reading it. When I asked marc what it was about he replied "Well, there's this plane.....and there are some snakes on it." Duh!

OK, so Marc can't go to the video store unsupervised either. This means we will now have to send our children in. They couldn't possibly do any worse than we've done!

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