Wednesday 7 March 2007

Digg for Dummies

Do you know what this is? Do you care? I'm trying this out....may abandon it all together. Consider this an experiment and you all are my giuinea pigs.

If you don't have a digg account, go to Digg and get one. Whilst you are there have a look around at what other people are finding interesting on the net. Then you can digg things you think are groovy. Or you can bury things you find exceedingly dull. Most importantly (to me anyway) you can submit my blog posts to digg and tell what online world you digg my posts. Since you won't comment maybe you will digg.

If you have a digg account, ignore everything I just said and you just read and get busy diggin' on me!

1 comment:

Janell said...

okay i think i got the digg thing figured out, but the technorati deal is going to tae alitle more time and unfortunately, i still have a dayjob that requires my undivided attention - at least until lunchtime.