Sunday 11 March 2007

Vista Upgrade

In the spirit of trying to be an early adopter of new technology and avoid being labelled an old fuddy duddy, same trick dog kind of person, I gave my husband the green light to upgrading our home PC from Windows XP to Vista. This sounded like a good idea at the time. Hasn't quite worked out 100% as planned/hoped. To be fair, my complaints are miniscule compared to my complaints about my Mac. (Sorry, Glyn, still struggling with that technology.) This blog pretty much articulates all the reasons for switching but I still just don't get it. I'm slow though and I will not give in or give up. The Mac Will Not Win!

Back to the Microsoft upgrade: During the upgrade to Vista, I clossed my eyes and held my breath. When I opened my eyes (I'd had to start breathing. the upgrade took hours and hours to complete), I'd lost all my favourites and links. Not good when you are a blog addict like me. GOOD: I found Technorati before I upgraded. BAD: I didn't add them all to Technorati before I migrated.

I had to upgrade all the software that I work with. AOL for Vista isn't quite up to scratch and somehow someway somewhere some of my addresses hve gone mysteriously missing. Marc is working on reloading but this cuts into my blogging time.

Scanning software is not compatible with Vista so scanner sits on counter tops and takes up space. No plan for remedy.

This is one man's take on the whole upgrade journey. But honestly, I'm not one of those Configuration Freaks that want control of everything. I have no desire to configure my own computer to death. I want to turn it on and I want it to work. Not very high expectations but it works for me. Well it did before Vista. It looks good but the substance behind the form doesn't feel much like an upgrade.

My advice: oh just do it and get it over with.....make sure you have everything backed up and plan to transfer everything over.

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