Saturday 2 February 2008


How I wish I had been given the temperament and skill of a gardener. Everything I read and everyone I talk to says that you must garden all year long.

Well, let me tell you I don't start thinking about what my garden looks like until April and by then it is too late. In January and February (and March for that matter) I cannot fathom the idea of staying outside in the cold, dreary rain. It is too dark in the evenings to be useful. And there is no way you are going to convince to spend my precious Saturday and Sunday in the wind getting whipped and covered in mud.

By the time spring arrives we've done none of those preparation tasks that keen gardeners advise and we spend the rest of the season playing catchup.

I so envy the pristine gardens of homes when we drive by and their rose bushes are bushy and blooming. The flower beds have no weeds and they display varying flowers and colours throughout the spring, summer, and autumn. The tress are groomed and the walks are swept.

I imagine the caretakers of these gardens must achieve a trance like consciousness to persist through the unpredictable and cruel English weather to deliver such glorious gardens. They must also be retired. And not own a dog or have any children living at home.

Perhaps I too will achieve this zen mastery of the garden in 20 or so years. But not yet. Unless anyone can recommend a free gardener? Maybe someone whose job is finished in their own garden and they've got a bit of free time on their hands and they just couldn't bear for my garden to look like an abandoned lot any longer....just leave me a comment and I'll get in touch with you.


Sue said...

I love planting things and watching them grow and bloom. I find myself wondering through the houseplants a Walmart in the winter. I have a sunporch that is great for them in the summer. There are so many of them that the last couple of years I have had to take some of them to work and put them in the window of the show room.
Cant' wait for spring.

Anonymous said...

Every February we hire a gardener to bring a truckload or two of mature horse manure and spread it everywhere in the garden. It amends the soil and keeps the weeds down. Certain plants need extra things, like acid loving plants need special additions, and roses do later, too. They should have been pruned in the fall.
This from a woman who grew NOTHING until aged 57. Its great fun!

Myrnagj said...

My African Violet is blooming for the first time in this apartment. And the one I started from a fallen leaf now has three baby leaves.
I like apartment living because I don't have to garden or have a dog.

You all keep on gardening because I do like looking at the flowers and stuff.

stephanie said...

I want to garden. I dream of growing things. But I don't have the persistance necessary. And, I hate bees and they love gardens.

Janell said...

I had a huge vegetable garden spot at the house we used to live in and only a tiny spot where I am now. I miss the larger space.

And isn't a British garden the same thing as an American yard?

Anonymous said...

Having visited your home, I wouldn't worry too much about gardening. Let's try a little basic lawn care.
(Hopefully you know I was kidding.)

Who cares if a little mud gets on you, some people pay for that stuff. 20 Years sounds about right for your Zen Mastery of the garden, by then, according to Al Gore and the UN, you should be able to garden year round in the UK...You may be able to plant palm trees and citrus fruits by then.

Don't you have your own version of illegal labor in the UK you can use. I bet there is a website for out of work terrorists / Al-Queda in the UK. Some of them should be really good with chemicals!


Anonymous said...

On a more serious side. I do grow my own Basil (for pizza's), and Hungarian Hot Peppers.

LaDawn said...

Garden = Yard

Jo - You are back but appear to have suffered a bump on the head given the gibberish you are spouting.