Tuesday 5 February 2008

Husband v Sister

My husband loves my sister and my sister loves my husband. Not in that sicko way but like brothers and sisters should. Better than in-laws typically do.

My sister posted an astute comment/observation to my Laundry Fairy post. The comment was aimed at my husband. Bullseye.

When I showed my husband her comment he chuckled. If I had said something he would have been cross and insulted. But when Steph says it he chuckles. Are you kidding me? She gets away with murder (being the baby in the family and all, blah blah blah).

So this morning I asked him if he wished he had married her instead.

My husband stops dead in his tracks and replies, "Must those be the only 2 choices?"


Janell said...


Anonymous said...

Now that's funny !
I wonder what your answer was.

Shirley said...

He gotcha.