Monday, 4 February 2008


Janell posted a comment to my blog a while back with an observation that most of the recollection of the times of my life (childhood memories, travel adventures) include precise descriptions of the food I ate.

At first I thought to myself, "I'm not obssessed by food" because of course I took this as a criticism.

Then I tired on one of my new habits of a lifetime and told myself not to look at this as criticism but to examine the comment for truth.

I found there is a lot of truth in that comment. And I'm not bothered one bit by it.

Food is one of the trilogy which makes up our most basic of requirements to sustain human life. The other two are oxygen and water.

Obviously we need oxygen to breath and clearly we need water to stand. But food gives us the energy required to move and think and create and pray and love and be.

So what if my life's memories are navigated around a menu of the delicious (and sometimes not so delicious) meals? I tell you one thing: it makes it a lot easier for me to remember the milestones and every day occurrences.

I love remembering what I ate on my 30th birthday at Caviar Kaspia in Paris. I love remembering that one of my favourite dates with my husband was at Blue Water Grill in NYC, NY as I watched him develop an appreciation for sushi (and me). I love when my children's eyes light up because I've made their most favourite and yet most basic of spaghetti bolognese as if I was some kind of kitchen goddess. I love serving friends homemde puddings like cherry and pear crumble!

Am I obssessed with food and eating? No, but it helps me to keep track of time.


Janell said...

I'm sorry - I didn't intend for the comment to be taken as a criticism. Rather, it was given in admiration for your superior memory of details.

LaDawn said...

Yo Janell - I know that. This has nothing to do with you. I know that your heart is pure and that you would never say anything to hurt me intentionally. It is all me and how I react to things people say. This is the only thing I can control. My reaction and since I know you meant nothing by it, it makes the case for me examining my reaction all the stronger!!

Janell said...

Good. I'm glad you understand my intentions. I think I've gotten lots of nice people mad at me by blurting out things I shouldn't have. I need to be more careful.