Saturday 2 February 2008

Technology Curse

Yesterday our broadband went down courtesy of our neighbour, Simon. these are not the same neighbours who cut down the lilac tree. These are the neighbours on the other side.

It seems that one of the lines into their house wasn't working so well. They called a BT engineer out to resolve the problem. He resolved the problem by breaking ours. It took the engineer all afternoon to do this.

He had left the site before we realised our's was down. He did return this morning to get it all working together and clearly we are back online. I wonder if the occupants in the other houses still have service.


Janell said...

I don't have anyting to say about technology and the engineers who deal with it, but I wanted to mention that I like the Garrison Keillor quote you have on the sidebar.

LaDawn said...

Actually it appears to be the theme of my blog!