Sunday 2 March 2008

Commuter Karma

On my drive to work I like to imagine that every good deed I do comes back to me 10 fold.

At the end of one of the roads near our home is a very busy road that I must cross during rush hour traffic and make a right hand turn. Remember I live in England and we drive on the left side of the road so this is equivalent to making a left turn in America or on the continent.

I usually manage to get out into the middle without much trouble but then I have to rely on the generous nature of other drivers to get into the flow of traffic. There are immediately 3 intersecting road which must also merge into the road I just merged into. I always let at least one car go in front of me from each intersection.

What always amazes me are the number of drivers who I have let in who don't let a car go at the next intersection. I believe this is bad commuter karma.

I reckon if you are nice and considerate to everyone you share the road with, eg drivers, bicyclists, pedestrians, mums with pushchairs, then everyone will be nice to me. If I am rude and in too big of a hurry to be nice to anyone then someone will hit me.

Practice Commuter Karma everyday!


Anonymous said...

Happy Mothering Day LaDawn...Love you always Mom

Anonymous said...

Hello Mom. I missed you. You and I haven't spoken since Seb's Ballet dancing. How r u?

LAdawn, I hear you on the Karma thing. Its particulary bad in EM, actually everywhere outside the US is bad. I know Americans think we have bad trafic, but not nearly as congested and chaotic as other coutries, UK included. I think life would get easier for you if you bought a Hummer. Not the sissy H2 or H3, but the real original Hummer. You drive that thing, merging will not be a problem!

I want one soooo badly and i plan to purchase as my next car, or car after next.

Anonymous said...

I think that anyone that buys a Hummer should be issued a social irresponsibility tax for their stupidity.


Joe_B said...

Spoken like a true socialist!

How is owning a hummer socially irresponsible? Why stop at a tax, let's just take them to the back of the car dealership, line them up and shoot them before they can even buy?

The real devil here is would be the manufacturers correct? Let's shoot those executives who came up with the plan?

Which other cars should be issued this tax? What do you do with the money? Plant trees, articulate what you are trying to say...

Sue said...

There is a Mustang Shelby sitting on our showroom floor. Besides being very high priced, it has a $1000.00 gas guzzler tax. How about the Hummer, does it have this tax?

Distracted drivers are the biggest hazzard on the road. One day a lady when by here trying to make a left hand turn with a phone in one hand and a cigarette in the other. I'm sure she was not paying too much attention to her driving.

Janell said...

I still want a Hummer. I'd make up for the social irresponsibility of owning it by spending the time I wasn't driving my Hummer on horseback.

Myrnagj said...

I try to have good driving karma. However, the names I give to some other drivers, like the ones who don't play nice, are less than kind.

LaDawn said...

Hummers suck!

Glad to see you all are getting along without me!