Thursday 1 February 2007

Blogging about Blogging

I have read that blogging about blogging is like a major no-no.

I have also read a number of blogs about blogging so clearly the punishment is not a deterrent so I will risk it!

I'm completely addicted to recording my life/thoughts and those of the people around me and sharing it with what I perceive to be all of you. And I know that some of you are catching the disease and blogging alongside me. If you are tempted, give it a go. What have you got to lose?

There is quite a bit of debate on what a blog is. Everyone agrees it is an online journal about whatever you want to talk about (and most successfully about people want to read). There is a wide variety of subject matters being documented. Just hit the Next Blog icon at the top of my page and you will get a sample. (PS Don't do this at work where some blog content might not be considered appropriate.) There is some consensus that it is not a blog if you don't allow comments. Google's blog doesn't allow comments so many are saying this is just a web site. Mine is most certainly a blog as it certainly allows comments. However, not many leave comments. Even fewer read the comments and the comments on the comments. So the whole idea of online conversation isn't really working here.

My site meter shows that my traffic has more than doubled from that 1 month ago. However, if you look through my comments you will begin to form an opinion that there are in fact just 5 of you reading this besides me. I have a very faithful albeit limited audience that leaves comments and some even answer the questions I ask. I even got a step-by-step instruction on how to darn socks (thanks, Mom!). I'll use that the next time I have nothing else to do (which will probably be never). Although if anyone else fancies a lesson in darning socks, you can find it on my blog. Read the comments in Holey Socks.

Even if you just want to read, thanks for supporting my addiction. Keep up the good work. But know: to be truly excellent you must leave comments! Engage in the conversation.


Anonymous said...

Hi LaDawn
I love your blog and am an avid reade. I hold my hands up. I have your blog as one of my home pages.
I have often been caught at work laughing and my colleagues have taken a look and agree that your
blog is great, I enjoy your honesty and wit. Keep it up.

LaDawn said...

I am flattered and find it astonishing that people who don't know me find the blog even remotely interesting. Keep visiting!

stephanie said...

I must admit...I am addicted to comments myself. I check and recheck my page for more reflections on my blog everyday. Hee hee!

Janell said...

Questions: where is your site meter? Do I have one on my blog? If I do, how do I find it? How do I add the “blogs of interest” and “current books & movies” and words of wisdom and such like you have down the left side of the page?
should I tell Stephanie that I know a horse named Snarfy? (he’s a really pretty paint; very sweet and gentle and loaded with personality.)

Anonymous said...


I leave comments as anonymous, since I don't have a google or Bloger acct or a web page. I haven't seen anyone else's comments or any replies to my comments. So perhaps a small treatise of how it works? Sorry for being ignorant. Clare

LaDawn said...

Clare-your comments aren't really anonymous because you always sign them which is good enough for me.
Steph -you've got blog disease.
Janell -I'll send you an email with the instructions on how to add the additional items down the left.

Anonymous said...

мне кажется: неподражаемо! а82ч