Wednesday 21 March 2007

Block of the Month 2006

I have finally completed all the blocks for my 2006 quilt. Yes, I know it is March. I've been a bit busy.....This is going to be beautiful with the new sofa!

I have been doing this one with my neighbour, Jill. This is the first time she has ever quilted and I took her down the path of hand piecing. She used old nighties of her mothers which is really very sweet.

We must get the sashing and border fabric picked out and decide on a pattern for finishing.

And for all of you that have been asking to see a sample of my it is!


Janell said...

Absolutely gorgeous! You did a beautiful job and the colors are so fresh and springlike. Well don!

Janell said...

Oops - I mean well DONE! My fingers go faster than my brain. or maybe it's the other way around...