Monday 26 March 2007

Encouraging my Sister

When my sister was a little girl, I used to offer to curl her hair with a curling iron. For the first few times, she agreed. And each time I burned her forehead when doing her bangs (aka fringe in the UK). She wore a permanent scab on her forehead. Luckily, because she had fringe you couldn't see it.

Unfortunately, she became not so keen on letting me continue to do her hair. But she would always forget and after I would promise not to do it again, she would agree. And then despite my best efforts, I would slip and do it again. This still happens. I don't know but I think her forehead has a curling iron magnet on it. Or she is winding me up and bending into the curling iron just to make me feel bad. My torture of her forehead is not intentional.

This is, however. Despite my verbal encouragement, my sister has failed to update the blog for nearly 2 months.

My sister started a blog back in January. She got off to a pretty good start and the layout looked good. Pictures were impressive. Her posts were witty and enjoyable to read. But therein lies the rub. After just a few (less than 10) posts she abandoned her efforts.

She cited the fact that she had read it wasn't a good idea to post to a blog when looking for a job. We never did quite uncover why in the world this would be a bad idea. Given I haven't lived in the USA for over 10 years, I thought it best to trust her judgement. I now believe her job search has ended and she should now be free to blog uninhibited.

I once read a horrible statistic that most blogs out there have 1-4 posts and are then abandoned. Please, Stephanie, do NOT abandon your blog. Your writing is clever and funny. And peole are interested in what you have to say, about yourself and your family.

At the very least please please please change the last post you made way back in February so it is not the last post you made. If you do not I will post your email address on this blog and encourage everyone who reads it to spam you!

In the meantime, please post a comment to this blog and show my sister how much you would like her to update her blog. If you've never been to her blog go check it out - Woodhouse Family.


Brooke said...

Come on Steph! If i can do it you can do it. Everyone in the family wants to hear about the great adventures Audrey and the twins take Anthony and you on.

stephanie said...

I still don't trust you with a curling iron.


LaDawn said...

So blog about it....