Friday 2 March 2007

My Husband is a Mad Scientist

Marc has become obsessed with the idea of making his own bio-diesel. I now know why he wanted to buy the BMW estate. It is a diesel. He can make his own fuel.

The idea of him making his own fuel is just an opportunity he can't pass up. This appeals to his very primal urges to really be a scientist instead of an IT professional. He would much prefer doing experiments in the garage, especially experiments that have the potential to blow things up, than just about anything else.

Last evening I bore witness to him using my kitchen utensils including a roasting tin and the cutlery (forks/spoons/knives) to cleanse (with boiling water) and then cook (in our oven) some sand. He then taped my prized kitchen funnel to the top of a thin cooper pipe and poured the sand into the pipe. He then coiled the pipe around a can and these coils are now sitting on my kitchen counter.

I am afraid......very afraid. Stay tuned. Unless we have to call the fire brigade. The number is 999 in the UK.

PS Link to his blog here

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Janell said...

Please send the recipe for this fuel - and for the Sunday banana pancakes, please.
jc :)