Thursday 29 March 2007

My Husband is a Plumber

Sometimes it is just better if you do the job yourself.

After having Dyno rod in 3 times, a pump engineer in who then flooded our house and spending over £400 ($800), we still had a blocked drain and no bath/shower/toilet/sink at the top of the house. So my husband decided he couldn't do a worse job of it if he tried himself. So yesterday afternoon, he took all the pipe work off the back of the house and replaced it all. He found a blockage in a bend in the pipe and now the drainage is working just fine. He is very proud of himself. This makes me soooooo nervous! But I'm not complaining. At last I can have a shower!


Janell said...

well done, marc!
so glad to hear the plumbing is solved. how's the cough?

stephanie said...

You da man, Marc....You da MAN!


JMarie said...

Hi LaDawn,

Be happy, babe. My hubby can't hang a picture. We almost got a divorce over installing the curtain rods in our baby's room. :-)