Tuesday 13 March 2007

My Son Teaches Me

Serious wake up call: The children's TV in the playroom finally died. I've owned that TV since I moved to England 11 years ago and I bought it second hand. Previous owners had the TV for 3 years before I. So all in all this TV had far outlived its useful life. The new TV had been in our bedroom for the last 3 years but was never used because we could never figure out how to turn it on and off. Besides, a TV in the bedroom is never a good idea unless you are bed ridden and we aren't (yet).

Bad news was the children knew how to turn off and on the old TV and associated cable. How in the world were they going to master the new TV. Tonight Marc went off to the shops to get some light bulbs (they are blow at once). I had a moment of panic when I realised I did not know how to work the new TV. Sebastian calmly took the remote control from my hand, pushed a series of no less than 8 buttons and voila, the TV and cable was on.

I felt like an idiot! Still do!

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Janell said...

'Tis a sign of the times. I remember the first word I learned to read was "Look." I was in school and the book series I learned from was the 'Dick & Jane' series. The first words my children learned to read were "Play", "Pause", "Fast Forward", "Rewind"...etc.