Thursday 15 March 2007

No Bath/Shower

In our home we have a bath and shower at the top of the house (loft conversion). On Sunday the drains clogged. On Monday, Marc attempted to fix the clog himself. This did not work. At all. On Tuesday we called out the drain specialists (who are owned by the company I work for). He informed us that he needed one of his colleagues who had the equipment he needed to unclog our drains and would return on Wednesday. On Wednesday they returned and the drains are now unclogged albeit at twice the original quoted price.

However, the anarchy that ensued during that period was immense. We have a bath/shower on the first floor of the house. This is the tub that the children use every night for their bathing ritual. The shower has never been that great and over the last 2 years the shower has ceased to work at all. The tub is very small. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday saw our morning routines thrust into sheer panic as we raced up and down the stairs trying to get clean and keep from freezing.

Wednesday was a crazy day. I had early morning meetings and Marc had to be in Wales for the day. Our neighbours pitched in to give us a hand. Emma kept the keys until Gill returned. Gill let the drains specialists in the house and supervised their work. She even made them a cup of tea. She EVEN took our dog for a walk. I have the best neighbours in the world!

Calm has now been restored to the household. Everyone is clean and warm. Phew!

Now at the top of the list of household chores is to get that first floor bathroom in order. Does anyone have a project plan for renovating a bathroom?

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Janell said...

I don't have a renovation plan to share with you, but I remember when they had the B/R remodeled in our old house. The contractor was there for 30 days. We were without use of it for 6. Luckily, we had access to one across the road and, like you, good neighbors who allowed us to use their shower. Get someone who works really fast!