Sunday 25 March 2007

Our Weekends

I feel like we spend our weekends lurching from chore to chore, meerly recovering from the week behind and preparing for the week ahead. Laundry, DIY, grocery shopping, and "other" shopping (lamps, book shelves, birthday presents), mowing the lawn, hoovering the lounge, weeding the flower beds, cleaning the garage......etc. The list is endless

Last month, our neighbour, Gill, sensing that I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, offered to look after the children after they had gone to bed so that Marc and I could go out to dinner (just the 2 of us) . We were to discuss ways that we could reclaim some of our weekend time and dedicate more of it to fun.

We went to Wagamama's. This is one of our favourite chains of restaurants and a new one has just opened in Windsor. My mother will be very excited! It wasn't very crowded and it was missing the buzz that other Wagamama's have but this could be because it has only just opened and the building it is housed in is covered in scaffolding.

Back to the point......We sat over our noodles and tried to come up with a plan. Would hiring someone else to do our ironing leave us with more time to have fun on the weekends? Could we pave over our back garden thus eliminating the need for gardening? Would the resulting impact to global warning be too much for my conscious to bear? Maybe the cleaner could come back on Friday mornings to hoover.....Maybe we could all wear dirty clothes.

Clearly our brainstorming session had some practical solutions (all mine) and some far fetched no chance in h*** ideas (all Marc's). Some we've implemented. Some we haven't and won't......EVER!

I think the solution is that rather than just wait for fun to happen, we have to plan it in. On Saturday between 3-5 pm, we will schedule to have some fun. And then just let everything else go. I mean, why should fun be the lowest on the list of priorities?

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Janell said...

You are VERY WISE to put the fun in the schedule and not just wait for it to find you. you and your family will make some wonderful memories together that way. and remember, no one on their deathbed ever said, "I wish I had vacuumed the living room one more time."