Thursday 5 April 2007

Day Off

Last night Abigail and I went to bed at 7:30 pm. We went up to Marc's and my bedroom and put on our jammies and crawled in between the covers, Abigail with her book about fairy's (a gift from Uncle John and Auntie Mary) and I with my latest literary adventure (To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee - more about that later). Within 10 minutes Abigail had fallen asleep next to me with her arms entwined in mine making it a hard job to turn the pages of my book but I managed. There are few things sweeter in this world than the deep breathing of a young child fast asleep pushed up against you. Their breath is sweet and their whole body expands with every intake of air. Their skin is soft and with their eyes closed I imagine they look just like angels would.

Marc came up and took Abigail off to her own bed about 8:30 and I continued my reading.....but only for another 10 minutes or so. At 11 pm I woke up to realise I too had fallen fast asleep. Trouble was then I couldn't get back to sleep until about 2 am this morning. the good news is I got lots of reading done. The bad news is I'm knackered this morning and struggled to get myself out of bed. I would have been happy to sleep for another couple hours.

Thank goodness I have the day off work today. I am taking the children to the Lookout Discovery Centre in Bracknell (not far from here) and we are going to have a picnic. We are meeting up with some of Sebastian's school mates. Abigail and Sebastian are very excited. I will follow up this post with a report of our adventure. I have to get my act together, get a shower, get the picnic packed and get us all there by 10:30. See y'all later!

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Janell said...

The only thing as sweet as having a child fall asleep in your arms, is to be the child sleeping peacefully, securely and loved in her mama's arms. What a lovely word picture you made.