Friday 20 April 2007

Sebastian Quotes - Edition 1

The other day after completing our Embassy aerobics, we took Sebastian out to lunch at an Italian restaurant for wood oven pizzas. Sebastian behaved like a proper little man: let the waiter put his napkin on his lap, remembered all his please and thank yous, and ordered both his food and drink all on his own. When he had finally finished he only 2 very small remnants left on his plate. There was a beautiful young woman working in there who made quite a fuss over how much food he had eaten. She was Italian and spoke English with the beautiful accent. Sebastian seemed to sit a bit taller when she was paying attention to him.

He asked for a take away box at the end of the meal because he didn't want to leave any pizza behind. As we were walking towards the door, the woman asked him what his name was. He told her. She told him her name was Cynthia just as we were walking out the door. "Bye Cynthia" he casually called over his shoulder.

As we were walking down the sidewalk towards our car, Sebastian announces to me and his father, "She was hot!"

We nearly fell over.


Brooke said...

You are gonna have a lady's man on your hands one day!

Anonymous said...

That was never an issue - but what are Embassy Aerobics, and who goes, etc?

Sebastian has his Dad's twinkle and had it from the first. Glad that he's keeping up the tradition!

Love you guys, Clare & Michael

LaDawn said...

Embassy aerobics referred to the shenanigans of getting up and down going to various windows at the US Embassy.

The funny part is you thought this was a new workout! You crack me up!