Thursday 12 April 2007

Sox Won 3-2

Just in case you are wondering.......which I'm sure you're not but I'm having a happy dance!

Next game recorded last night: Seattle Mariners vs Boston Red Sox (again)! Go Sox.....

Although I am wondering why the obsession with the Red Sox. I have noticed over the years that Channel Five tends to feature games from a couple of teams and not really spread the exposure around. Teams favoured include the Atlanta Braves (boo!), Chicago Cubs (yeah!), Texas Rangers (boo!), Boston Red Sox (yeah!), NY Yankees (boo!), and NY Mets (yeah!). I've only ever seen one Colorado Rockies game and that was when they were playing one of the above games. I've always thought it had to do with the time zone. But I'm going to email them and confirm/complain.

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