Thursday 5 April 2007

The Look Out

Phew, it's the end of my day and I'm shattered. It was a beautiful spring day and we had so much fun. The children played and the play ground didn't get too crowded until after noon.

It was Joy Cook's birthday. She brought a cake which the children and adults alike enjoyed tremendously. We ate sandwiches and grapes and apples and hearty picnic snacks. The ladies enjoyed our tea and the children got lost in the trees. It was a real adventure!

Abigail fell asleep in the car on the way home and I took a bit of a nap myself although I did wait until I was no longer driving.

We went out to dinner at a new Italian restaurant in our village, Punto. This is significant because we live in a small village and other than a fish and chip shop and a few Indian takeaways (best avoided) there isn't much else to choose from. We normally drive to Staines or Windsor. But this Italian place opened up a few months back and we finally decided to give it a go. It was not a decision we regretted. The service was child friendly. The food was great. It was very good value for money (1/2 the price we normally pay for dinner out). A great day off all in all!

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