Tuesday 24 April 2007

Thought Provoking

And a really fascinating and frightening article about why the least expensive food in the supermarket tends to be the foods which are making the most significant contribution to the obesity problem. At last, I just need to spend more money on my food! I can feel the weight dropping off me as my bank account empties. Are they serious?

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Janell said...

I'm not sure about this - we don't buy our foods by the calorie, we buy them by the package. There isn't a grocery store in America that will sell you a partial bag of cookies - even if you told them you only wanted 2500 of the calories. And a small bag of carrots still costs less than $1. However, cookies are easier to eat because they don't have to be washed and peeled, etc. It's more a matter of personal habit than farm policy, I think.