Tuesday 13 November 2007

Analytical Mind

My analytical mind wanted to solve the mystery of my unpredictable blog traffic. I may have just found a causal relationship between the number of posts I write and the traffic I experience in any given month.

I have realised that the number of posts per month is nearly directly related to higher traffic, ie the most posts, the more traffic. This doesn't make any sense to me.

I check out my blog roll (blogs I read) on a daily basis. So if there is more than 1 post on any given day I read them all on the one time I visit that day. I rarely, if ever, check a blog more than once/day.

There are only 2 blogs that I take an RSS feed from straight into my email box (soon to be just 1). Everything else goes into my pageflake. My pageflake takes forever to build so I only load it once and once I've caught up I shut it down.

So if I post more than once/day do you come back to read? If so, how do you know I posted more than once? How many of you subscribe to my blog using the RSS feed? How many of you don't know what an RSS feed is?


Janell said...

I don't know what an RSS feed OR a pageflake is, although I think you might have tried to explain it to me once. I visit your blog 2-3 times a day. Since I am alone in an office in the middle of nowhere most of each day, blog hopping is my way of having conversation - the way normal people would go to a break room or gather at the water cooler.

LaDawn said...

You have more room for Viking info because you don't know about RSS or pageflake. Leave it that way.

Sue said...

Like Janell, I too check blogs more than once a day. We don't take breaks away from our desks so between projects I might take a minute to check my blogs. It's like checking the mailbox for something interesting only doing it more than once a day.
Difference is since e-mail and cell phones, not much interesting comes in the mail.

Brooke said...

I am guilty also. I have no idea what pageflake or RSS feed is. I am in an office with 9 guys and 3 ladies. Really don't have much to talk about. So i check out my family instead.