Tuesday 20 November 2007

Hind's Head

Remember The Fat Duck?

Last night my new boss took his new direct reports out for a bite to eat. We ate at the pub that is run by the same chef that runs The Fat Duck. The two restaurants are even next door to each other.

I so wanted to be super impressed with the food given that it is much more affordable. But it was just ok. The side dishes of vegetables were fabulous but my shepherd pie was just good. I've had loads of shepherd's pie at loads of pubs and I wouldn't say this was the best I've ever had.

The Eton Mess I had for desert was to die for though! Dessert is always my favourite part of a meal anyway.

The best part though was that we got to know our leader a bit more. He got to know us a bit more. And that was the whole point. Mission Accomplished.


Janell said...

Okay, I give - what's Eton Mess?

Sue said...

A guy I knew always ate dessert first. When he died everyone that stayed for the lunch after his funeral was instructed to eat dessert first.