Sunday 11 November 2007

Black Hole

Sorry, readers, for the lack of posting over the last couple days. I've been trapped in a black hole of business. I haven't checked email, Facebook or the blog!

I landed Thursday evening about 30 minutes later than scheduled. I was thrilled to breeze through immigration but horrified to discover that the baggage hall looked like a mob scene. A flight had just arrived from Tel Aviv so armed police were everywhere. There were numerous other European flights arriving as the last flights for the evening were descending on the airport.
One of the baggage carousels was not working properly so none of the carousels were working properly. This makes no sense to me but Heathrow makes no sense to me. The airport looks like it belongs to a third world country and is falling apart. This is supposed to be the busiest airport in the world. To me it looks like the shabbiest.

Once I got my luggage (over an hour wait), I had to ring for the taxi to come back to the airport. They were not happy.

I arrived home just before midnight. I unpacked a much as I could and dropped like a rock into bed.

Up early at 6 am and into the office for an action packed day of trying to get through email and answer all the questions people needed me to answer earlier in the week. I felt like everyone wanted a piece of me.

I raced home at 3 pm to meet up with Marc and Abigail where we packed our suitcases again and picked up Seb for school. We then joined all the other crazy people trying to get home for Friday evening. We groaned when the sat nav informed us that we would not reach our destination for 4.5 hours. By avoiding the motorway we saved 2 hours and arrived at the Millichamp home by 6:30 pm a good hour longer than originally planned.

The children were starving so I was pumping them full of cookies during the drive which of course meant they didn't eat a bite when dinner was finally served up. After some heavy duty playing the children were ready for bed, well, at least Sebastian was ready for bed.

He put himself to bed. Sam followed shortly thereafter. But the girls stayed up giggling and jumping in and out of bed. The babysitter arrived and we left for the local pub.

We had some fabulous steaks and wine at the most unexpected little hole in the wall pub in the local village of West Haddon. When we returned home the babysitter admitted that after a couple of hours she had to separate the girls and Abigail was sound asleep in our bed.

Helen and I stayed up until almost 2 in the morning having a girly chat. I do wonder where our daughters get it from!

The children helped themselves to the TV and dry breakfast cereal the next morning allowing the grownups to stay in bed until almost 9 am. Sheer bliss! It was great to see Abigail and Lottie have formed such a lovely friendship. Sam and Seb didn't have many arguments and seem to have started to out grow the power struggles of young boys.

The Daddy's took the children to a park and Helen whipped up a gorgeous minestrone soup. When the Dad's returned we had some lunch and planned our summer holidays.

The drive home was uneventful and we fell into bed after unloading the car. Today I am faced with loads of luggage needing unpacking and mountain ranges of laundry. I want to go back to bed!


Janell said...

Whew! All your traveling makes me tired!

Anonymous said...

As I read all of that, I tried to mentally put it to music. The only music I could mentally hear was looney toons / warner brothers opening music. Quite funny.