Saturday 3 November 2007

Girly Afternoon

Yesterday Abigail and I had so much fun!

The childminder had to see a doctor about her bum knee so I picked up Abigail and kept her all afternoon. We popped into Windsor to buy some birthday presents for some upcoming friends' parties.

Abigail was so much fun. She lifted clothes off the rack and presented them to me asking "How about this?", "This is cute." "Ooooh, I like this."

Then we decided to get lunch. We went to Agora's. There was only one other table with an older couple seated.

Abigail sat down like a big girl and ordered her own drink. She looked at the menu just like I was doing and announced after a suitable interval that she wanted a hamburger. She told the waitress herself when she came to take our order.

Whilst we waited for our food, Abigail told me about her day. We played patty cake. then a god song came on the muzak and she said she wanted to dance. So we got up and danced.

Our food came and we sat down. She chatted about everything under the sun as she nibbled away at her chips (french fries) and hamburger.

It was like being out with one of my friends. She's funny and interesting. She asks lots of questions and is interested in what I have to say. She's got loads of opinions and lots to say. She makes a great companion.

I paid for lunch and we returned to our car. She told the neighbours about her day with mummy and without daddy and Sebby. She said she had fun and wanted to do it again.

Me too!

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Janell said...

Emily and I used to meet for lunch every Friday when I worked at my previous job. She is also a great companion.