Wednesday 28 November 2007

Chicago's Alleys

Chicago is a fascinating city. It was one of the first big cities I ever traveled to as a young adult first let lose in the big wide world. It is home to my beloved (if ultimately unsuccessful) Chicago Cubs. The people of Chicago are scary and friendly in equal measure at the same time.

Scariest for me has always been walking the streets of Chicago. I've walked the streets of New York at all hours including the wee hours of the morning and never felt fear the way I've felt fear at just about anytime on the streets of Chicago, specifically down the alleys of the city. But it looks to me like Chicago is looking to make a change.

Read this story about what Chicago is doing about their alleys. I love it. Even if you believe those crazies (Janell and Joe) and think global climate change is a bunch of malarkey, you can't argue that everything Chicago is doing isn't a great idea!

Go Windy City!


Anonymous said...

Call me crazy... Errrr... I think you did, but I don't like the idea. Which is exactly why my move to Chicago, is not actually to chicago. I wanted to be out of Cook County to avoid Daley's crazy ideas. Chicago is one of the highest taxed cities in the country.

Make no mistake about it, eventually there will be a line on everyone's property tax bill in Cook County that reads "Green Alley" or something to that effect.

Sales Tax: 9%
Cigarette Tax: .48
Tire Tax: $1 per tire
Restaurant Meal Tax: 10.25%
Parking Tax: 12%
Hotel Tax: 15.4%
Amusement Tax: 4% on big events 8% for all other amusements
That excludes the drivers license tax, registration tax, tolls, property tax (2.2%), grant park and millenium park subsidies, O'hare special construction tax, etc...Just to name a few...

As usual I back this up:

I bet if the dictator of Chicago(Mr Daley) put this to a vote, it would fail miserably. But he doesn't have to.
Now that being said, I do agree with Ladawn on one thing. Its still a great town, and some of the best restaurants in the country are there. I can't wait to go back to my favorite pizza place.

Many of those restaruants are opening up in the burbs now to get the suburban clientele they lost.

He is taxing it to death. Many stores closed their doors and some literally moved across the street (outside the city limits) to avoid taxes. Friends of mine that lived downtown are moving out because its too expensive to live downtown. Wal-mart is constantly under attack (the left hates wal-mart) because they are not union.

So to explain my position again, I am for the environment. I do my share. Don't force it on me.

Janell said...

Global climate change is happeneing, but I believe it is a naturally occurring cycle, not the economic and political crisis Mr. Gore wants it to be. And if you saw my manure spreader, you would know that I am doing my part for stewardship.
And I've been called a lot worse than "one of those crazies..."


And Joe or someone needs to get some pics and post them of Chicago's Navy Pier. I've been told that's THE place to visit in Chi.